Asset-Based Community Development 

This course is for professionals working in citizen space (community-facing practitioners) from a broad range of disciplines including community development, health, social work, policing, economic development, housing, sports and local government, to name but a few. It is for individuals and organisations who want to deepen their community-centred practices. It brings together the key concepts and tools of ABCD using a combination of videos and other resource materials on our e-learning platform and eight interactive Zoom sessions (90 minutes per session).
The course will take place on the following dates:
April 25th
May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
June 6th, 13th, 27th
Time: All sessions 9:30am -11.00 am (UK Time)
Here’s a short video of Cormac Russell of Nurture Development, who developed this course, giving you an overview of what to expect.
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Getting Ready for your Course

Read | Watch | Discuss | Reflect | Apply

This course combines self-directed learning and facilitated interactive Zoom sessions with your trainer. The e-learning platform is an important element of this course and allows you to come prepared and ready to contribute to each module's Zoom session.  Spend time reading and watching the module resources and the interactive sessions will be more beneficial and enjoyable.
The reflections and assignments are completed at the end of each module.
Complete the 'Test your Learning' section at the end of each module in order to get your Certificate of Completion.

Enjoy the course!

Life-long access to a library of e-books and written resources developed by Nurture Development and international cutting edge literature.
Bespoke videos  delivered by Cormac Russell on the key  ABCD principles and tools.
 Eight 90 minute interactive facilitated Zoom sessions that deepen understanding and practical application through discussion, peer mentoring and skilled facilitation.
Facilitated reflective practice that deepens understanding and embeds learning.  
Practical exercises and assignments at the end of each module that take the principles and theory and apply them in a real world setting.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Tim Evans

Passionate about enabling people to discover their passions, skills, gifts and talents, building a compassionate and connected life together in community. Qualified Youth and Community Worker working with young people and communities since 1993.

For 19 years was CEO of a small national organisation delivering youth work, community work and social enterprise, in particular with those who found themselves marginalised by society. He led that organisation to develop an asset based community development approach to its work. Has an M.A in Community Education and an M.A in Theology.Since 2010,  he been part of leading community building in Hodge Hill in east Birmingham in a couple of communities including the one that he lives in and continues to be alongside practitioners, leaders, neighborhoods, organisations, faith communities supporting them to develop ABCD approaches to their work.
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