ABCD Guide Training

An ABCD Guide is a practitioner who possesses a sound understanding of Asset-Based Community Development in both theory and practice, demonstrates a passion for citizen-led change and has completed Nurture Development’s training. ABCD Guide Trainers are able to do the following with confidence:

  • Host a Community of Practice around ABCD
  • Support the growth of ABCD conversations in their area
  • Bring practitioners together to share learning

ABCD guide training creates a local legacy in effective ABCD Practice. A cohort of ABCD guides will have the ability to support the growth of ABCD in practice across the locality. As ABCD practice deepens, local ABCD Guides become a go to point for others in their local area that would like to have a genuine conversation about the dilemmas of living and practising in an ABCD way.

ABCD Guides will also seek to organise local ABCD networks to support the deepening and precipitation of practice and citizen-led action where they live and serve.
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Change the Way You Work in Citizen Space

Read | Watch | Discuss | Reflect | Apply

What does the Course Involve?

Life-long access to a library of e-books and written resources developed by Nurture Development and international cutting edge literature.
Bespoke videos  delivered by Cormac Russell on the key  ABCD principles and tools.
Interactive facilitated video conference sessions that deepen understanding and practical application through discussion, peer mentoring and skilled facilitation.
Facilitated reflective practice that deepens understanding and embeds learning.  
Practical exercises and assignments that take the principles and theory and apply them in a real world setting.
Develop and enhance your facilitation and training skills in the group and in the community.

Course contents

Meet the instructors

Cormac Russell

Cormac is Managing Director of Nurture Development and a faculty member of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute at De Paul University, Chicago.
Over the last 20 years Cormac has worked in over 30 countries around the world. He has trained communities, agencies, NGOs and governments in ABCD and other strengths based approaches in Kenya, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia.
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