Frequently Asked Questions

I am expecting to join a Zoom session, but I don't have the link/password/date/time? 

We send out the Zoom details by email, including in a reminder email the day before any session, however there are known issues with some organisations' firewalls blocking our emails (even before they get to your Spam folder). If this happens, you will also be able to find the Zoom Links & Passwords and Dates & Times under the Module entitled "Zoom Details" at the bottom of your course on the e-learning platform. 

How do I find my course on the platform? 

To access the course at a later date, log-in using the "Sign in" button in the top right hand corner. You will then be automatically taken to your Profile page, or, if you're already signed in, go to "Me" in the menu bar and then "After Login". You will then see your course thumbnail under "My Courses". Click on the picture or "Continue Learning". On being taken to the course page, click "Continue Learning" again or scroll down to the list of module contents and click a module element.

We also send a direct access links throughout, however, you will need to be logged in already for this to work.

How do I access a course that has been purchased for me by my organisation? 

You will have been sent by email a link entitled "Sign Up Here" by the Course Convenor in your organisation. When you follow this link, you'll be taken to a check-out page. On this page, you will create your account and be enrolled onto the course. Please note due to technical limitations, the course is priced at €1 but a 100%-off coupon is automatically applied for you when you follow this link. 

If you sign up via the "Front Door" (i.e. not by following the link), you will not be automatically enrolled to the course and so when you follow the instructions under "How do I find my course on the platform", you will not see your course thumbnail. If you have signed up in this way, you can enrol yourself by following the link sent to you by your Course Convenor.

We also send a direct access links throughout, including in your Sign Up email from the Course Convenor. However, you will need to be logged in already for this to work.

I've missed a session, are Zoom Sessions recorded? 

Unfortunately, Zoom Sessions are not recorded due to privacy issues.  We suggest you get together (virtually or physically) with a colleague or neighbour who managed to make the session to discuss their experience over coffee.

How can I get in touch with my tutor?

Your tutor's email address can be found at the bottom of the emails that we send you. Please note that when you reply to the automated emails we send to you, these are sent to a central email address, not your tutor's email address.

I've forgotten my password but haven't received my password reset email

There are known issues with some organisation's firewalls blocking our emails (even before they reach your spam). If you've not received your password reset email, get in touch with a new password that you want to use who can set it for you.

I can't log in and when I try to reset my password it says "username not found"

This usually occurs when you sign up using a Social Media account and then attempt to log in using your e-mail address. To log back in, you need to log in again using the relevant Social Media button under "Sign In". 

I've signed up but I've not yet received any emails?

You should receive some emails shortly after sign up, including the most important one entitled "Upcoming Course Details", and other reminders just before the course dates. If you've not received the "Upcoming Course Details" email, the most likely causes we've seen are:

  • It's in your spam folder
  • Your organisation's firewall has blocked our emails before it has reached your spam
  • There is a typo in your e-mail address

The easiest solution is to change your e-mail to a personal email address (e.g. @hotmail or @gmail). If you have not completed any e-learning elements, then feel free to simply return to the Sign Up link and input your personal email. If you'd like to save progress in the e-learning elements, then email us with a personal email address and we can change the details over manually.

How can I book places on behalf of other people or book multiple places?

You can also pay for a space on a course by invoice. Please use the Contact Us form to enquire.

Something on the E-Learning Platform isn't working for me 

Please note that the software we use for our e-learning platform has known incompatibilities with Internet Explorer/Edge web browsers. The site works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari web browsers.

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