Rapid Participatory Review

This process is about revealing the conditions that exist in your organisation, and in the local communities it serves, for doing Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) well.

We call it 'rapid' because this is a relatively quick process intended to point processes in the right direction. It is 'participatory' because we want citizens and local practitioners to shape the direction, with Nurture Development simply providing support, and by 'review' we mean it is a sense check of where things stand at the moment. This process is not about judgement or telling you how you measure up to others, or what you should do. 

At the end of the process, you will have an overview and non-judgemental picture of where your organisation sits in its journey from a deficit to asset-based community development way of working. The write-up will inform where energy is directed and how. The benefit of this process is that you will have already involved a wide range of participants - as a result of how the process is designed and facilitated - who will have informed and shaped the approach and will therefore own its implementation in the future.

Assessing your Impact on Citizen Space

Survey | Interview | Reflect | Strategise

Prior to the review, Nurture Development will work with assigned leads from the participating organisation to set up the surveys and interviews. organisational readiness and to ensure the course content directly supports organisational objectives. 
Complete Surveys
Consider your organisation's ABCD readiness and discover where the energy is at community level.

Key People Interviews
We interview key people from within and outside the organisation to help us get a deeper understanding of what is happening in relation to ABCD.
Consider the information and insights that have emerged from the first two stages as a collective group.

All of the information and feedback are collated and presented as a report that can guide future strategy and decision-making.

Rapid Participatory Review Process